About Us

Dark Moon Esscentuals was started because of an obsession with nail art, and nail care. Having been in the industry in one capacity or another, nail art and nail care was always one of my passions. 

I got on IG and met some amazing, talented artists and BAM! That was it! I started looking into finding ways to have better, natural ingredients for the beating my nails were taking. So, I created Cuticle Crack, and the Acetone Additive to care for my nails between manis. Then I discovered I wanted to care for the rest of my skin! So, I created Dark Moon Esscentuals!

We care about our clients, and their nails and skin! And we work hard to give you the best nail and skin care experience! You aren't just another client, and we want to see and hear your stories about your experiences with us! So feel free to email darkmoonesscentuals@yahoo.com with any questions, or experiences you have with us!!